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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Sparrenburg Castle

Sparrenburg Castle, situated in the Teutoburg Forest, towers 197 feet above Bielefeld, Germany. This castle provided the perfect backdrop for my parents and offered a spectacular view of Bielefeld for Silke and Horst in Love in Lederhosen!

So, let's begin at the beginning!
My father stood at the top of that castle over 65 years ago and called down to my mom to be. He claimed he would jump if she didn't agree to marry him. Romantic, huh? Well, she told him to go ahead and jump! Theirs was an epic love story to be shared in drips and drabs as we spend time together!

Although I'm now in the Sunshine State with a family of my own...there are shades of the old country still lurking in my soul. Love in Lederhosen was written right after I came back from a trip to see my family. My history always finds a way to be relived in my stories!

What special corner of the world whispers to you?

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