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Sunday, August 10, 2014

Love Seat Saga

My husband hates our love seat. He says it hurts his back. Quite frankly, it has the perfect butt rut for me...and I do some of my best writing there! Anyway, we go shopping for a new one.

Right off, we are accosted by a salesperson and so I drift away to the leather couches. He gives the salesperson his demands and we are off ! First one we sat on...too short for my husband. The second one was gorgeous, brown leather, console, and long enough for him. I love it. He gets up and I hear him say, "my wife cuddles into me every night and we have huge cat that lays on the arm of our love seat and snuggles in, so we can't have a console and so the arm needs to be a wide cushy arm. Oh yeah, and sometimes he lays between us...".

At this point the salesperson excuses himself, and I just look at my husband full of overwhelming love.

I still don't think we need a new love seat!

(Yes, we are both in the love seat right now...with our giant cat on the arm of the love seat!)
Gotta go make Sunday breakfast for the fam!

Happy Sunday!!

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